a formal agreement between a siêu thị or other business and a customer, in which the customer can take goods và pay the shop or business for them at a later time

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an arrangement by which a customer receives goods from a store và pays for them over a period of time:
It is not possible to lớn draw the sort of debit & credit account that includes the social needs of the region.
A man cannot legally bet with a street bookmaker but can gamble as much as he likes if he has a credit account.
They can have a credit account, và use the telephone, và for this purpose they need not have a banking trương mục.
The financial arrangements must be taken as a debit và credit account from the point of view of accountancy.
There is the off-course bookmaker, who has largely a credit account and whose business is mostly done by telephone.
Where there is an ordinary debit và credit account running, it is always usual khổng lồ allow any counterclaim, or set-off.
Keeping ngân hàng rate above sầu that of our neighbours means that hot money flows in here & our reserves bound up, masking the true position on current credit account.
Clause 5 removes the need for alphabetical indexing, authorises request và tìm kiếm by telephone và teleprinter, và enables tìm kiếm fees to be paid by credit account.
The question of administrative sầu difficulties will be a question of adjustment, và details of debit và credit account as between one body & another are a matter of bookkeeping.
I say that, because equally it would be a mistake khổng lồ deal with this question as a sort of debit and credit account on a balance-sheet.

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If you vì not use notes but cheques, the cheques will be drawn by a man on his own credit account, và they provide their own fiduciary cover.
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a type of modern music originally developed by African-Americans, with a rhythm in which the strong notes often come before the beat. Jazz is usually improvised (= invented as it is played).

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